Big River Steampunk Festival Demo


  • May, 21 2021

    • 12pm - 3pm

Ancient Athletics will be heading to Quincy as a group. We will be taking the Rover (Athlete Bus) to the event and will have room for those who would like to ride along. The bus ride is free. Register fast to reserve your seat on the Rover. First come, first serve.

If you want to ride along in the Rover, we will meet and the JC Penny located at 1201 S Dirksen Pkwy, Springfield, IL 62703. You can leave your car in the parking lot. We will be leaving at 9am sharp and not sure on the return time.


This event is a demo and will only have a few events. Keg toss, sheaf toss, stones, WFD, and caber. Our job will be to entertain and interact with the crowd while sharing the Scottish culture.

Dress Code:

Kilted is a must but feel free to incorporate the steampunk theme to your attire.

Clat Adam's Park

Located on the beautiful riverfront in Quincy, IL