St. Andrew's Society Bonfire 




Dress Code:

Kilted is a must but feel free to incorporate Celtic culture into your attire. 

IMPORTANT - please email after signing up to become a member so we can add you to our database. 

Trade Winds Pub & Eatery

1700 Knights Recreation Drive

Springfield, IL 62711

(Walk through the eatery and go out the back door to access the pavilion.)

Did you know Ancient Athletics is the athletic unit of the St. Andrew's Society of Central Illinois? 

On October 21, 2023, the St. Andrew's Society will host a bonfire where we invite members of the public to join us for a night of food, music, pipers, dancers and athletics celebrating the Celtic culture. It is also our membership drive where you can renew or join the St. Andrew's Society and Ancient Athletics. 

Ancient Athletics will also host its annual award ceremony for it's current members.