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            Registration is open for The 2016 Shamrock Games March 19th

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Saturday March 19th 2016, The Shamrock Games is held  in the coliseum of the Illinois State Fairgrounds, Springfield Illinois. The Shamrock Games are held indoors in an un-heated arena. Ancient Athletics will have a concession stand open; you can bring food and coolers if you wish. This event is an athlete only competition with performances in the afternoon by the St. Andrew’s Society’s Pipes, drums and Dance units. This is our first event that will score for the the newly formed Scottish Games League (SGL)

 Scottish Games League


·         Athlete Registration is $30.00.  First time (Novice) athletes are not eligible to throw do to the tight conditions for throwing indoors.

·         Depending on the number of pre-registered athletes, we will open all divisions except Novice.

·         You can register by email to mclawless@sbcglobal.net include preferred class and best marks.

·         Send your Registration Check to John Moore 325 Estes Park Chatham, IL 62629.

Time Line:

Thursday March 17th Equipment trailers dropped off at the Coliseum

Friday March 18th Volunteers needed at 9am to set up the field in preparation for a 5:00 walkthrough  

Saturday March 19th Volunteers/Registration at 7:30am, Judges meeting at 8am, Games Start at 9am sharp.

Sunday March 20th, Volunteers needed to pack up the trailers from 9am-12noon



The Full Event Schedule for the 2016 season will be posted soon.

The scope of our unit is widening and we are proud to be part of the ever growing recognition of Scottish Heavy Athletics. If you would like to volunteer, Judge, compete or just hang out with the athletic unit, contact Merl Lawless Athletic Director, @ mclawless@sbcglobal.net.

2016 Ancient Athletics of Central Illinois